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 Da’ Von. Wesley. Doane

Principal Dance Artist. Choreographer. Educator. Writer and Founder of The Shift- Dark light Productions.


Da’ Von is a former leading dance artist with Dance Theatre of Harlem. He was named one of Dance Magazines Top 25 to Watch in 2014 and a Point Magazine Standout in 2017. Da’ Von is originally from Salisbury Maryland, where he began his dance training. Since 2012 Da’ Von has been a leading member of The Dance Theatre of Harlem and has performed in works by Donald Byrd, Tanya Wideman and Thadeus Davis, Helen Picket, Francesca Harper, Arthur Mitchell, Billy Wilson, Darrell Moultrie, Claudia Schreier, Robert Garland, George Balanchine, Royston Maldoom,  Nacho Duato and Ulysses Dove. As a guest artist Da’ Von has appeared in Galas and Festivals in Vail Colorado, Cancun Mexico, And Poland, as well as Guggenheim works in process, E- Moves at Harlem Stage in NYC, and The Virginia Arts Festival. His Choreography has been presented numerous times in NYC by Periapsis Music and Dance, Bryant Park Presents, The Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center and the 92nd Str Y.

In 2017 Da' Von formed The Shift – Dark Light Productions, which aims to serves as a conduit for personal and collective growth and transformation. The Shift, aims to teach, heal and to inspire through the visual and performing arts. Our evolution as artists is dependent on our ability to see the world as it is and to use our gifts and talents to make this world a better place.

  Da’ Von has dedicated his career to the exploration and expansion of his mind, body and spirit through the art of dance, the written and the spoken word. With traditional spiritual practices of African and indigenous cultures as a guide; the movement of celestial bodies: signs and symbols that present themselves to us in our everyday lives, what they can communicate and how they influence us on a personal and collective level, Da’ Vons seeks to shift our perceptions in relationship to the way we see the world,  our purpose in it, and how each of us be of service in the most productive and least  destructive way.

     Da’ Von sees the arts a physical, emotional and Spiritual conduit for healing and transformation, personally and collectively. Through research, observation, practice, and creation The Shift’s mission is to illuminate the individual and embolden the collective, with a particular focus on The forces of nature and the cosmos that illuminate us, pushing us towards our collective evolution. We are the Past, the Present and the future. One consciousness, having many experiences. We are the change.

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