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Shifting Center: Contemporary Approaches to moveme

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Each week I will design a series of improvisational tasks and prompts. These prompts are designed two awaken the potential for movement in the body. My research is based on African Philosophies. The diagram of the principle of the Law of opposites. The Kemetic Tree of Life. The Kongo Cosmogram. Each of these diagrams contain within them wisdom from our african ancestors whose science was the foundation for western civilization. It is my goal to use these systems to contextualize how the exists in space and can be transformed by the power of the mind. I designed a deck of cards to activate these ideas. We will explore the chemical composition of the body. The fluctuationa of energy through the Four Elements and Four Qualities ( Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry) The body is dissected into Right and left Front and Back Upper, Middle, Lower Each aspect of the body moves in it's own plane and can also move within the other planes and dimensions of space around the body. The deck is meant to be used as a meditation and improvisation deck. These are tools through which we can activate Archetypal energies, The Mind, and the full range of motion and the capacity for the body to be transformed.

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