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One brick at a time


Okay now. I'm legit 3 days from 33 and I need your help. 15 years ago I set out on a path that has led me to where I am today. For my birthday I am raising money to begin building the foundation of what I hope will be a lifelong creative journey. As many of your know I'm currently in Graduate School at University of The Arts and I'm working on a couple of things that I hope you or someone you know may be interested in supporting.

My research as of late has been related to Afro-Indigenous spiritual systems as they relate to the cultivation of the mind, body and Spirit through Dance as ritual and alchemical process. What happens yo the body when it's composition is changed? How does it change the nature, shape, force and energy of the conduit that is the human body? And what can the shape of the body communicate?


I've starting with a crowdfunding campaign to support further research and development of "A method" in the making. The goal is to build a series of foundational works that will be the basis of the world I intend for my work to live through.


I want to see blackness in all of its glory and splendor. Beyond the heartache and pain. Beyond the brokenness and oppression.

We are stardust.

We are the light at the end of the tunnel and we deserve better.

I can not be represented by those on places where I am not welcome. So I will create a space for myself and others to engage, explore and cultivate a radical reimagination of the self experiencing life as multiple. Because Blackness is not monolithic. No one can represent us all. So let us make space for everyone to have a voice.


If you wish to learn more or donate to my Fractured Atlas Campaign check the link in my bio to my web site and Fractured Atlas page.


I am so incredibly grateful for my journey to this point. And I am looking towards the future with gratitude, hope and faith that all will be as it should in due time.

Thank you!!

Da' Von W. Doane.

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