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Stepping into the unknown.

What a time to be alive.

I'm sure this year has been tough to handle in certain places if not just an all around helluva year. However, I hope and pray that each of you who read these posts are encouraged everyday to live from your highest self, as often as possible and to challenge yourself every day to become the best version of yourself possible.

For me, this year has taught me so much about myself, my hopes, dreams and the obstacles I've faced along the way. We will all inevitably face challenges in life much like Co-Vid 19 that challenge our perception of the world.

I've always been fascinated with trying to make sense of the parts that make me whole. Obviously some things are easier to pin down than others, but the journey can lead us in so many directions, finding and re-defining aspects of myself and transmuting them into new ways of being. There is so much more that I wish to share with you. For now, let's embrace the unknown together.


Darklight Productions.

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