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Welcome To The shift: Alchemical Laboratory

The Shift Alchemical Laboratory is a project for the understanding of the interplay between mind, body and spirit as planes of existence ( Being conscious), and as initiators of movement and action. 
The Shift Alchemical laboratory Led By Da' Von Doane, former dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem. The aim of this project is to create work that dispels the myths and stereotypes on the intellectual and spiritual capacity of the black mind, body and spirit and represent ourselves in ways that  enables us to see ourselves more clearly and create our future more consciously.

The project will center itself on Exploration, Creation and Interrogation Of Thought forms becoming action in life and dance. Our philosophy comes from the study of mentalism as the governing force of human experience. We are after the connective tissues of movement; the impulse behind the impulse to act. 

“Mind ( as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted from state to state: degree to degree, condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. 

~The Kybalion.


We understand the body as being representative of un differentiated matter contextualized by internal and external processes that either support or hinder our human experience. We use dance as a conduit for personal exploration and understanding of mental and physical states of being so that we can initiate that phase of being or energetic frequency and project it out into the world or utilize for our own personal growth, transformation and Vibrational Elevation. The arts and sciences are mediums for understanding the interplay of forces that govern our lived experiences.

Our evolution as people and artists is dependent on our ability to see the world as it is.
We The Artists of the Shift, endeavor to use our work to  show

•    Who we are 

•    Where we've been

•    What we can Imagine together 

    Project # 1 | Movement as language. The Interrogation of thought forms represented in the body. This project will explore the morphological nature of the body; How it creates shape and initiates movement, force and energy in space and what that  energetic wave-form has the capacity to communicate; raising the questions: What gives a character its meaning? What if anything, does form communicate? How can we inform movement to create our own movement language? Sign and Symbols of our own making. 


  • Project # 2 | The Elemental variations, Luminaries:  A series of short dance works based on moments in black history, experience and culture, including Afro- Diasporic renderings of folktales and the re-imagining of our past present and futures.  Harnessing the El- eye- Mental mind and body.  This project is about reaching in our distant and not so distant past for creative inspiration through the ages. We are particularly interested in Cosmologies, folktales, Myths and Legends that explain an alternative worldview in an effort to craft a narrative space of our own. Stories of love, courage, and adventure. Revealing the hue-man entity behind the mask.


  • Project # 3 The Shift- Emergence: Part 2 or the Reboot of the Original work that titles the Ensemble. The Shift- Cryptic tongues is a work about an emergence of luminescent bodies on earth. Prior to their existence on this plane they were born of another light. This work is about the return to that luminescence. 

Your support of this project will enable us to secure artist, collaborator fees and licensing fees 
(music), as well as marketing and promotional materials for our first series of works together. 
The goal is to build a creative method as well as new work that will become the foundation of our work in the future. 

I am committed to working with Black identifying artist primarily in order to create a series of works that could and in my hope will become a foundational representation of an AFRO-Classicism. Classicism in and of itself has historically excluded black forms, philosophies and belief systems although that source knowledge that built the foundations of civilization did come from our ancient ancestors. We acknowledge this fact as both artist and historians. EDI is a trending topic in the dance world, however the representation we need is within us to provide and for us to decide. We will not be presenting BLACK STRUGGLE PIECES. We will, be producing BLACK LIBERATION WORK, because it is necessary. 
Thank you for your support. 
With Love and Care, Da' Von W. Doane. 

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